Care Sheets and Guides

To properly raise your bearded dragon there is a number of things needed to not only make your pet happy but healthy as well. Lighting, food, cage substrate and cleaning are essential.

LIGHTING: Because bearded dragons require a high amount of UVB rays we use Reptisun 10-0 or Exo-Terra 10-0. To insure that the dragon gets plenty of light we use branches or logs to heighten the reach of the Dragons allowing them to get within 3” under the UVB light. A basking spot is required for digestion and should reach but not exceed 100-115%. The opposite side of the cage should be around 85-90% for the dragon to rest from the heat. Make sure the dragon can not touch the light or it will get burned.

FOOD: (no bigger than the space between the eyes) Crickets, Super Worms & Dubia Roaches are what I use plus a mixture of dark greens. For the greens I use collard greens, mustard greens, dark curly green lettuce, Red lettuce and the dark green tips of Romaine. No iceberg or white lettuces as they have no nutritional value. Also dust all feeders and greens with calcium powder with D3 before feeding to your dragon. Adult dragons can be given a few times a week but baby’s everyday.

SUBSTRATE: I do not use substrate in my tanks as it can cause the dragon to be impacted if it eats any while going after feeder foods and can get eye infections. I only use paper towels or newspaper.

CLEANING: Tanks need to be cleaned almost daily for the babies and weekly for the adults. I use a mixture of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Put your dragon in a container of warm water that is filled almost to its shoulders in a container big enough for it to move around in but not to climb out of. If it can climb out get a lid and put air holes in the lid so it can get air. Keep an eye on them as they can drown especially if more than one is in the tub. Soak your dragon while you clean the tank. Usually 10 minutes. Remove all insides of tank and vacuum out. Spray with the bleach mixture and wipe out. Rinse with clean water and dry. Clean all branches or ornaments of any feces. You can soak your branches and ornaments with the bleach water but make sure you rinse and set out in the sun until completely dry or heat in a 250% oven for at least two hours making sure they do not burn. I bathe my baby dragon’s everyday, juveniles every other day and adults one to two times a week. DO NOT PUT WATER IN YOUR TANK. They get their water from the greens and baths. Water in tank will increase humidity and kill your dragon.