Caring for Crickets

If you feed and water your crickets properly they will last a long time and you won’t have to buy crickets as often. The other advantage is they come directly to you either via UPS, FedEx or DHL. Saves you those frequent extra trips to the local pet store to buy crickets. The crickets at the pet store are usually not fed or watered properly so they die off very soon.

We keep our crickets in clear plastic bins like the Sterilite bins you can purchase at Walmart. If using Sterilite Bins from Walmart you do not want to put a lid on them. The crickets cannot jump out or climb out because the sides are slick.

No substrate is needed for keeping your crickets.

When your crickets arrive and you open the box you will see that they have egg cartons inside the box as well as a potato chunk. Remove the potato chunk and discard it. Shake your crickets out of the box into the bin you will be housing them in.

Tear the egg cartons into several smaller chunks and place them in the bottom of the bin. These egg cartons are important for providing housing, climbing and hiding places for the crickets to live. You can also save toilet paper and paper towel rolls and place them in the bin for the crickets to climb on and climb in. It is best to place the paper rolls in the bin on top of the egg cartons at an angle so the debris will not collect in the towel roll but will fall to the bottom of the bin. When you get ready to collect your crickets to feed your dragon all you have to do is to have your large plastic cup “cricket cup” ready and shake the towel rolls or the egg cartons over the top of the cup and the crickets will fall into the cup. This way you really don’t have to handle the crickets at all. Be sure to have added your calcium and multivitamin dust to your cup so you can dust your crickets before feeding them to your dragon.

To keep your crickets alive and healthy you must feed and water them. You want fat healthy yummy crickets for your dragons to eat so it is essential that you supply your crickets with a good source of food and water. This is called “gut-loading”.

We have used several different ways of feeding our crickets. We have listed these different ways below. They all work well – just letting you know that you do have options.

We feed our crickets flaked baby cereal. We use the Gerber Mixed Grain and Oatmeal flakes. This is the cereal that would normally be used to mix in with baby formula for human babies. You will feed the crickets the dry flakes. Just get a jar lid and fill with flaked cereal and place in the bottom of the bin. This will provide your crickets with a very nutritious diet which will be good for your dragons.

You can also feed your crickets the same greens and veggies that you feed your dragon. Collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, squash, zucchinni, carrots, apple, etc. It is best not to use potato as it is such a starchy vegetable.

You can also purchase “cricket chow” from your cricket supplier. The cricket chow is a grain mixture that the cricket farms use to feed the crickets. I would recommend if purchasing this try to purchase in bulk as you will go through a lot of it in a short amount of time.

To provide your crickets with water you can purchase a water gel substance at most pet stores or through your cricket supplier. This comes in a jar and is called “cricket gutload”. Just place a large spoonful in a jar lid and place in the bottom of the bin. Refill as necessary.

From time to time you will need to clean out the skin sheds that the crickets make. Crickets shed as they grow into adults. You can also try finding a small size whisk broom and dust pan set at a dollar store or other inexpensive retail store.

Keeping a clean cricket bin will go a long way towards providing a good environment so your crickets will remain healthy and stay alive longer until you have feed them off.