Sexing Guide

Unsure of what sex your bearded dragon is?

This sexing guide will assist you identifying whether your bearded dragon is a male or female.

Sexing Guide – Overview

Sexing dragons, especially young dragons, takes a lot of trial and effort. We personally feel it is not possible to 100% guarantee sex of young dragons. However, there are differences between male and female dragons. Generally the male has a larger head, wider tail base, larger pores, and most noticeably, hemipenal bulges beneath the tail/behind the rare vent.

There is another way to sex your Bearded Dragon, but it really only works well for adult Bearded Dragons and is by checking for femoral pores along the insides of the rear legs. Both sexes have them but as adults the males femoral pores will be enlarged and a lot easier to see whereas in females they stay relatively small and harder to see.

How to sex a male Bearded Dragon

Young male dragons have two bulges, with a slight space between them just behind the vent. Lifting the tail and twisting gently may allow for the hemipenal bulges to appear more pronounced. PLEASE DON’T bend the tail more than 90 degrees as you can risk damaging it’s spine.

How to sex a female Bearded Dragon

Females generally have one central or no bulges where the hemipenes would be right behind the vent. Where the central bulges would be the bulges themselves are quite obvious in some females.

However its not uncommon for what is thought to be a female, to turn out to be an undeveloped (at the time of sexing) male, and vice versa. That is why bearded dragons are best sexed at an age of 6 months or more.